Labor sings same song on paying the bills

Butler MLA John Quigley says Butler residents can vote for Labor and get the train extended to Yanchep or vote Liberal and see Roe 8 continue.

WITH the State Election only days away Butler MLA John Quigley says if WA Labor wins on Saturday, March 11 incoming Treasurer Ben Wyatt will obviously conduct an audit of the books to find out where savings can be made.

“The Barnett Government has been unnecessarily wasteful on a number of fronts,’’ he said.

“It has run up debt from $3b to $40b and says it wants to sell Western Power to try and pay down debt.

“Western Power brings in about $500 million a year which goes towards paying for nurses, teachers and police.

“Once sold it is gone forever.

“The first thing a WA Labor government would do on day one is cancel the Roe 8 and the funds from Roe 8 would be redirected in part to the Yanchep railway line.’’

Mr Quigley said in many respects the election for the electorate of Butler was like a referendum – if residents want Marmion Ave made into a dual carriageway to Yanchep immediately and rail to Yanchep with stations at Alkimos and Eglinton they should vote for WA Labor.

On the other hand if the people of Butler wanted Roe 8 to continue (cost $1.5 billion) and no rail to Yanchep or the dual carriageway of Marmion Avenue then they should vote Liberal.

Mr Quigley said WA Labor’s main promises to Butler voters were $23m to dual Marmion Ave, $386m to extend the train line from Butler to Yanchep and $15m to rebuild the primary school at Yanchep District High School.

He said there was some concern in the community concern about how the primary school would be rebuilt on the existing site.

“Alan Curtis, the Principal at YDHS, who applauds this decision, says that the high school students (Year 7-10) will move to the new Yanchep High School in mid-2018, at which time the primary school students could be moved into the classrooms vacated by the high school students, with the existing primary school buildings then available to be demolished, so there won’t be education disruption for the students.’’

In other commitments WA Labor has given a written guarantee to the City of Wanneroo to fund up to $400,000 for the immediate replacement of the Two Rocks beach access stairs.

There is also talk of $300,000 to build a skateboard in Yanchep and a plan to provide six extra bus shelters for Marmion Ave.

He said if he was re-elected he would advocate for safety measures on Two Rocks Rd and seek to involve both the City of Wanneroo and Main Roads WA  in coming up with affordable effective safety measures.

“On the blind crests I see a need to widen the road to lessen the risk of head on collisions like the recent one that killed a family.”

Mr Quigley said the extension of the train line to Yanchep was critical to Yanchep’s economic development and jobs for the community.

“The City of Wanneroo forecasts that Yanchep and surrounding districts will house 55,000 people in the not too distant future.

“Already Butler’s unemployment rate is amongst the worst in Perth and WA’s unemployment rate after eight years of Liberal Government is the worst in  Australia.

“ I have personally spoken to the executives of Yanchep Beach Joint Venture both here and in Japan and both assured me that their business model, both in the US, Japan, and Yanchep in WA is to wait for the construction of the rail before they invest millions of dollars in constructing a Yanchep satellite city which will provide employment for thousands.

“Yanchep city will include a university, hospital and large retail amongst other things.

“Yanchep Beach Joint Venture has written to the City of Wanneroo and the government pledging $120m towards the cost of the Yanchep rail extension.

“WA Labor says ‘bring it on, let’s get the jobs’.’’