Laser jammer loophole closed

Laser jammers and other devices, which interfere with speed cameras are to be banned in WA under changes to the Road Traffic Code. Picture: WA Police

THE State Government is cracking down on drivers who think they can outsmart speed cameras with laser jammers or electronic scramblers.

Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said speed was a significant factor in road fatalities in Western Australia and the changes were being introduced to stop people who used the technology to drive at excessive speed.

Amendments made to the Road Traffic Code 2000 now make it an offence for any person to drive a motor vehicle fitted with any device that will disrupt the operation of a speed camera.

Anyone caught with such a device fitted to their vehicle or any physical barrier preventing detection now faces a $1200 fine and the loss of seven demerit points, doubling to 14 demerit points on a holiday weekend.

The penalty increases to $1500 for those driving a heavy vehicle.

The changes to the law also allows police to issue an infringement for drivers who try to avoid a speed camera by driving in a way that will affect the operation of the camera, such as tail-gating or driving off road.

The new laws come into effect on December 12.

Mrs Roberts said the government was giving people eight weeks’ notice before the laws came into effect to give anyone with one of the devices fitted to their vehicle, plenty of time to remove it.