Menu changes at Oscar & Sons

Oscar & Sons chef and co-owner Harry Bhullar in the Two Rocks kitchen making chicken mushroom risotto. Picture: Anita McInnes

By Ingrid Jacobson

TWO Rocks restaurant, Oscar & Sons will be adding home delivery to its menu later this month as part of changes designed to update its already well-known brand.

A new range of salads is now being debuted on the lunch menu to encourage clients to dine out at midday.

An enticing selection of signature cocktails will also be available in June, along with a revamped dessert menu with an emphasis on home-made fare, as part of a push to add verve to the European-style coastal eatery.

Partners, Oscar Cardoso, Nick McIntyre and Harry Bhullar are going all out to breathe fresh life into the already popular a la carte restaurant, which opened in 2008.

Mr McIntyre, who is front of house manager, said the changes were part of an overall emphasis to keep the restaurant relevant in today’s more sophisticated dining environment.

“We’re trying out fresh ideas to attract some of the new people who have moved into the area,” he said.

“The last thing we want is to be is old-fashioned and serve up the same old food, and we also want to give our old customers something new to try.

“We’re also adding home delivery with the takeaway menu as people are time poor.

“However, our favourite dishes will still be available on the menu and our generous portions will remain the same.”

Since opening at the Two Rocks Shopping Centre, Oscar and Sons has offered several European cuisines, with an emphasis on Portuguese dishes.

The original menu was inspired by Oscar’s previous restaurant in Currambine and an early life spent growing up in Portugal.

A family restaurant, the name initially reflected Oscar’s emphasis on keeping his own family close, with his children once being familiar faces in the establishment.

Now they have moved on but as Mr McIntyre was quick to point out, the family feel still remained.

“Most of the staff have been here for years, Harry worked with Oscar in Currambine and I have been here since this restaurant started,” he said.

“I think stability of a restaurant is important along with consistency.”

He said consistency was one of the core values which had helped the restaurant survive.

“Our quality is always excellent and our customers know they will always receive good portions and have friendly service,” he said.