Millennials influence Yanchep planning

The Yanchep Two Rocks district structure plan was workshopped at the City of Wanneroo's Jobs Summit.

COULD the electronic habits of Millennial children and grandchildren be changing the way planners approach designing the Yanchep and Two Rocks of the future?

It appears key note speaker Emeritus Professor Robert Cervero from the University of California Berkeley, a global sustainable transport expert, who led discussions on integrating economic development with land use and transit links at the City of Wanneroo’s  Job Summit on Monday, November 28 is a believer.

Millennials, also known as Gen Ys are generally defined as those born in 1982 and about the following 20 years.

During his power point presentation Prof Cervero said there was a shifting of values and lifestyle preferences by Millennials with their focus on electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers and sound systems away from the necessity of or obsession with cars associated with Baby Boomers.

The shift from ownership to sharing or communalism of housing and transport assets meant there was a preference for walkable and urban places to live.

In essence Millennials showed a preference for live-work-shop-play-learn places.

In turn employers and retailers tended to go where the educated Millennials go leading to job growth in walkable, mixed use areas with plenty of public transport options.

The jobs for people in these situations included independent contractors, free agents, temps, outsourced employees, freelancers and part time workers.

Dynamic ride-sharing was vital to the way employees and freelancers got to work.

The concept involved a central dispatch point with a fleet of vehicles tracked via GPS and required riders to put in their location and destination.

Then a vehicle would meet riders at pick-up points and a group of riders would travel to a common destination.

The City of Wanneroo appears to have already planned for residents (and future residents) to show a preference for walkable and urban places to live as the Yanchep-Two Rocks district structure plan has a focus on creating communities in the urban environment by introducing informal and formal social places in the urban streetscape design with mixed uses, modes of density and activity in a safe and easily accessible environment.

This included using design to make public spaces more memorable and distinctive, soften perceptions of densities and build social capital.

Specifically it required a connected street network where there are avenues and boulevards for regional travel, connector streets to link neighbourhoods to centres, traffic calming on local street and special intersection treatments.

The Yanchep-Two Rocks district structure plan has a goal of 72 per cent local employment but to achieve this goal the City of Wanneroo is advocating it needs the extension of the 13.6km railway line to Yanchep.

Prof Cervero’s presentation also included mention of private railways and their built communities such as Tokyu Corporation and their affiliates in Japan.

According to Prof Cervero these companies also pursue other transportation businesses (such as bus services, taxi services, car rentals, trucking etc), real estate, retailing and leisure and recreation.