Mitchell Fwy extension land reserved

Main Roads WA has had part of Romeo Rd, which is almost opposite Karoborup Rd in Neerabup, set aside for the future extension of the Mitchell Fwy. Picture: Anita McInnes

SECTIONS of roads in Carabooda and Alkimos are included in City of Wanneroo lots, which have been set aside for the future extension of the Mitchell Fwy to Romeo Rd.

Part of Lot 587 Burns Beach Rd and Lot 9029 Santorini Promenade,  part of Lot 9502 Unnamed Road from the City Centre zone, part of Romeo Rd, parts of Lot 9501, an unnamed Road, Lots 6286 and 13200 Wanneroo Rd and Lot 6039 Walding Rd have been transferred to the Primary Regional Roads reservation in an amendment announced by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

The planning commission said Main Roads WA had identified the land as being required for the Mitchell Fwy extension and it was therefore necessary to reserve it as primary regional roads to ensure its availability for that purpose.

In Nowergup Lot 49 Karoborup Rd and Lot 51 Gibbs Rd will be transferred from the rural zone to the public purposes-wsd reservation.

The lots are owned by the Water Corporation and it had been determined the public purposes-wsd reservation was the most appropriate metropolitan region scheme classification for the land.

The omnibus also includes the transfer of part of Lots 7, 8 and 9 Perry Rd Pinjar from the parks and recreation reservation to the rural zone.

“Lots 7, 8 and 9 are vested with the Department of Water and are partly within a priority 1 source protection area, being part of the Gnangara underground water pollution control area,’’ the omnibus report said.

“The parks and recreation reservation was designated over Lots 7, 8 and 9 to protect the Gnangara underground water pollution control area.

“However, only parts of these lots are within the underground water pollution control area.

“In light of this, the Department of Water has requested that the Western Australian Planning Commission consider transferring the land outside the Gnangara underground water pollution control area to the rural zone, to facilitate the continuation of existing rural activities.

The proposals are included in the Western Australian Planning Commission’s north-east and north-west districts omnibus 1 detailing a June 2017 metropolitan region scheme amendment 1292/57 (minor amendment).

In its report on submissions the planning commission said the Department of Fire and Emergency Services had advised there were a number of proposals in the omnibus are on sites designated as bushfire prone on the map of bushfire prone areas.

Therefore the proposals required the application of bushfire protection criteria including state planning policy 3.7 – planning in bushfire prone areas and the current guidelines for planning in bushfire prone areas.

The policy requirements specify that a bushfire hazard level/bushfire attack level contour map and bushfire management plan are required for amendment proposals.

But the planning commission said in a submission the Department of Fire and Emergency Services said the proposals were amendments to the metropolitan region scheme to reflect existing cadastral boundaries of lots or uses of land.

As the proposals were administrative in nature and would not result in any changes to the intensity of use or development of land compliance with state planning policy 3.7 was not considered to be required.