More fire hydrants for Two Rocks and Gingin areas

As well as installing extra fire hydrants the Water Corporation is reminding people in the event of a bushfire they need an independent water supply to stay and defend their home. File picture

EXTRA fire hydrants will be installed over the next six months in Lancelin, Ledge Point, Karakin and Two Rocks.

The Water Corporation worked in consultation with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Main Roads WA, the City of Wanneroo and the Shire of Gingin to determine the best locations for the hydrants.

The installations will be part of the Water Corporation’s final stage of a five-year, $12.5 million program to install an additional 270 new fire hydrants across the state.

The Water Corporation is also reminding residents living in a bushfire prone area that they cannot rely on scheme water supplies during a bushfire if they plan to stay and defend their home.

Water Corporation operations general manager Pat Donovan said while the utility would do all it could to maintain scheme water during a bushfire, damaged infrastructure or a cut to power could result in the loss of public water supplies.

“High demand can also lead to a drop in water pressure and water supply tanks can empty quickly,’’ he said.

Mr Donovan said residents planning on defending their home in the event of a bushfire must ensure they had an independent water supply and a pumping capability in the event of a total loss of power.

“If you choose to stay and defend on the assumption water will keep coming out of your taps – the consequence could be loss of life.

“It is crucial you have your own water supply if you intend to stay and defend your home.

“The scheme water network is designed to provide drinking water to the community – it is not designed for fighting bushfires.

“Water Corporation is prepared for the bushfire season but cannot guarantee scheme water can be maintained during a bushfire.”

To prepare for a bushfire, including having an independent water supply, go to: