New marketing ideas needed for honey products.

Find out more about honey bee product research and development at the Y.hub on Tuesday, August 7. Picture: CRCHBP

HONEY bee product research and development are on the agenda starting at 7pm at the Y.hub on Tuesday, August 7.

Liz Barbour from the UWA’s office of research enterprise said marketers, professional and hobby beekeepers, graphic designers, engineers, chemists in essence anyone who loved seeing a great idea through to action were welcome to attend.

Dr Barbour, who is the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products chief executive officer said the centre was in the thick of all the latest research and world-trends.

She said they wanted to have fun imagining and developing the new range of products while inviting business experts to help them along their path.
The ideas was to work together to create opportunities to market the new range of honey bee products, locally as well as internationally.
She said Western Australia had the healthiest bees producing the cleanest product in the world that was under-appreciated and under-valued.

New marketing ideas were needed to show-off Western Australian honey bee products.

The Y.hub is at 128 Yanchep Beach Rd, Yanchep.