New Yanchep highway proposed

Main Roads WA says it is not ready just yet to make an announcement about the proposed Whiteman Yanchep Hwy, which is said to include an interchange at Neaves Rd.

LANDOWNERS affected by a metropolitan region scheme amendment for a new highway linking Yanchep to the Perth Darwin Hwy will be contacted by Main Roads WA during the coming months, according to the City of Wanneroo.

The city’s planning and sustainability acting director Mark Dickson said the Whiteman Yanchep Hwy was identified as a proposed new road in the East Wanneroo structure plan and the North West sub-regional framework, both of which had been published by the State Government and released for public comment.

Mr Dickson said the city’s administration had provided feedback to Main Roads WA as part of the alignment definition study for the Whiteman Yanchep Hwy Gnangara Rd to Neaves Rd stakeholder consultation process.

“Once initiated, the MRS amendment will be released for public comment, at which time the city’s local community will have the opportunity to comment and a report detailing the city’s submission on the proposal will be formally considered by the council for its endorsement,’’ he said.

Yanchep News Online asked Main Roads WA when it would be ready to initiate an MRS amendment to adopt the primary regional road reserve, whether the proposal allowed for Ranch and Elliot roads to be extended to intersect with the future Whiteman Yanchep Hwy and whether the proposed highway would connect at the Hester Ave intersection with the Mitchell Fwy or whether the proposal allowed for Flynn Dr to be re-aligned with Neaves Rd.

Main Roads WA was also asked if the proposal allowed for Whiteman Yanchep Hwy once it intersected Gnangara Rd and headed through the pine planation whether it would basically follow Old Yanchep Rd until it reached where it would change to head towards the Mitchell Fwy or would the Mitchell Fwy extend further north by then with the Whiteman Yanchep Hwy to connect with the Mitchell Fwy somewhere near Yanchep Beach Rd.

A Main Roads WA spokesman said he could not provide any further information but a planning announcement would be made in the future.