More officers for Yanchep Police Station

Acting deputy police commissioner Paul Steel and Butler MLA John Quigley at the revamped Yanchep Police Station official opening.

THE Yanchep Police Station has been renovated and expanded to accommodate more police officers, allocated to meet the needs of the fast growing northern corridor.

Officer-in-charge Sergeant Chris Wride said the station, which now had nine police officers, would have 14 officers from July 16.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts said the refurbishment ensured frontline police had contemporary facilities to better meet operational needs and effectively co-ordinate local crime strategies.

Mrs Roberts said the $3 million refurbishment included a 20kW solar power system so the police station could generate its own electricity.

She said the completed works included a dedicated operations room, a secure detainee entry and new detainee holding room, a new recorded interview room, a new CCTV system, an upgraded charge room, increased office space, new gymnasium and staff toilet-change facilities and a secure station car park.

Butler MLA John Quigley said the Yanchep Police Station covered more than 300sqkm of ground in the northern suburbs.

“An increased investment in local policing resources as part of the recently announced remodel will complement the expanded station to help deliver better outcomes for residents,’’ he said.