Power restored to most homes and businesses

Western Power crews have restored power to most homes and businesses but homeowners might need an electrician before they can turn their power back on.

POWER has been restored to most homes and businesses affected by the bushfire in Yanchep, Woodridge and Two Rocks, according to Western Power.

But Western Power operational maintenance head Matt Cheney said even though infrastructure had been replaced, homeowners might not yet be able to turn their power back on.

Mr Cheney said the work undertaken included replacing more than 150 poles and 15km of  line in the Yanchep and Two Rocks area as well as WA Electrical Inspectors visiting each property to ensure it was safe to reconnect to the network.

“Thanks to the efforts of all involved, in particular the residents and home and business owners for their understanding and support while we worked to have their power safely restored, ahead of schedule.”

“(But) there are additional steps that some homeowners may need to take.

“When homeowners return to their homes, they need to look for a tag or notification on the status of their electricity supply.

“If there is a tag that says ‘Temporary Disconnection’, the homeowner or other person in charge must arrange for an electrical contractor to complete the required works.

“Once all defects outlined in the information pack have been rectified your supply can be reconnected.

“If there is a tag that says ‘Ok to connect’, your connection has been deemed safe and you can switch your power main on.’’

If you are unsure whether your property has been inspected call 13 13 51.

Power fluctuations may occur when power is restored, so it is helpful to unplug sensitive appliances prior to reconnecting.

When reconnected, turn on appliances progressively, starting with lights and small appliances.

If you experience any shocks, zaps or tingles report them immediately on 13 13 51.

Mr Cheney said the restoration followed a rebuild of fire-damaged parts of the network in the Breakwater and Seatrees areas.

He said more than 70 personnel, along with heavy machinery and equipment, had been working in the Two Rocks area since Monday, when the fire ground was declared safe, to repair the network to get power safely restored as quickly as possible.