Proposal could change rural nature of Pipidinny Rd lots

One submission said the residence on Lot 4 Pipidinny Rd remained the oldest dwelling in the northern area of the City of Wanneroo.

A PROPOSED scheme amendment agreed to by the City of Wanneroo could result in some of the rural area bordering Pipidinny Rd being developed for large scale showrooms and warehouses.

The proposed amendment area is bounded by the railway reserve to the west, Wanneroo Rd to the east, Pipidinny Rd to the north and the northern boundary of Shorehaven estate.

The Mitchell Fwy reserve runs through the amendment area while part of Yanchep National Park located to the south of Pipidinny Rd borders the amendment area.

The proposed amendment No.2 to the Alkimos – Eglington district structure plan (DSP) No. 18 with two modifications was approved by City of Wanneroo councillors earlier this month despite a number of submissions against the proposal including the state government’s land and development agency Landcorp which said a metropolitan region scheme (MRS) amendment should be finalised before an amendment to DSP 18 was considered.

An officer’s report said the amendment sought to include 110ha to the northeast of the freeway reserve within the DSP 18 area and classify the land now used for intensive agriculture, market gardens and small rural hobby farms as service commercial (referred to as the eastern precinct).

But the report said the city supported the inclusion of the eastern precinct within DSP 18 to accommodate future employment.

The officer’s report said the applicant considered the potential future land uses within the eastern precinct could provide a complementary service to the existing rural lots and could include agribusiness, rural supplies and agricultural equipment type businesses.

The Water Corporation said there were no current plans to service the eastern precinct with waste or wastewater services as the area was currently zoned rural under the MRS.

The authority also said it would require the developer to provide all water and sewerage reticulation and/or contributions for water, sewerage and drainage for new development areas.

Main Roads WA expressed concerns about the future traffic volumes indicated in the acoustic noise report and did not support the expansion of the DSP 18 area to include the eastern precinct.

It also noted the proposed amendment identified the interface of the Eglinton East planning investigation area (PIA) with the proposed Whiteman-Yanchep Hwy, which was still under review.

“Support of this amendment may have some future land impacts on the northern section of the Eglinton East PIA,’’ Main Roads WA noted.

The Department of Education said it did not support the proposed amendment as the primary school catchment area included the central precinct, Eglinton suburb and lots east of Marmion Ave in the Shorehaven estate.

“The inclusion of 500 dwellings within the central precinct will result in a total yield of 2265 lots minimum, which is greater than the primary school site can accommodate for,’’ the Department of Education said.

A submission from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, which said the local water management strategy only covered the central precinct and not the eastern precinct.

An anonymous submitter said they were concerned a change from rural to commercial would affect what could be done on the properties.

Another anonymous submitter, who said they were against the proposed amendment, noted the residence on Lot 4, Pipidinny Rd was listed as a category 2 (place number 12) on the City of Wanneroo’s local heritage survey 2016 and that it remained the oldest dwelling in the northern area of the city.

They were also concerned about stormwater and runoff into Beonaddy Swamp if the surrounding land was used for commercial purposes.

Eglinton Estates said it had no significant objections to the proposed amendment.

After the councillors raised questions in early May about whether the correct statutory planning process was being followed by amending DSP 18 and certainty over rezoning the city had discussions with the applicant and a Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage representative.

On July 2 the councillors supported the amendment subject to two modifications – one was the retain the portion of land between the railway and freeway reserves as service commercial and the second was to include and designate the portion of land to the northeast of the freeway reserve within the approved Alkimos-Eglinton district structure plan No. 18 a service commercial area.

The proposed amendment still needs to be approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission