Recreational fishing licence to cost more

Recreational fishing licence increases will provide $1.1 million annually for recreational fishing management and initiatives, says Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly.

RECREATIONAL fishing licences will go up by $5 on July 1 so that the state government can continue to invest in the sector, according to Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly.

Mr Kelly promised there would be no further licence fee increases in this term of government.

He said licences were required in recreational fishing for rock lobster, abalone and marron, when fishing with a net or from a boat, and also for freshwater angling in the South West.

A fishing from a boat licence will cost $40 with all other activity licences being $50.

Freshwater angling licences are not required for under 16s.

“Instead of applying minor increases each year that would be administratively challenging, we have opted for a one-off $5 increase with no further increases in this term of government,’’ he said.

“A 50 per cent discount is still available for pensioners, seniors and under 16s, while line fishing from beaches and jetties will remain free so families can still enjoy a great weekend and holiday experience along the WA coast.’’

Fishers are also able to receive an additional 10 per cent discount, if they buy a licence for more than one recreational fishing activity in a single transaction.

“Recreational licence fees go towards improving recreational fishing opportunities, and to ensure our recreational fishing industry remains sustainable and safe for fishers.”

Mr Kelly said of the revenue raised, 15 per cent would go to Recfishwest, 25 per cent would go to the recreational fishing initiatives fund and the rest would go to fisheries management.

“This will provide about an extra $166,000 annually to Recfishwest and about an additional $277,000 to the recreational fishing initiatives fund, lifting the annual contribution it receives through licence fees to more than $2.4 million.’’