Seabird seawall planting well attended

Seabird residents have planted about 2400 native plants on the town’s new seawall. Picture: Illustration only

IN the small coastal town of Seabird more than 70 volunteers have turned out to help plant hardy native plants on the town’s newly constructed 680m seawall.

Shire of Gingin acting shire president Sam Collard said on Saturday, August 6 the native plants, which included species such as acacia rostellifera (summerscented wattle) and olearia axillaris (coastal daisybush) were planted on the embankment to help prevent erosion in the area.

 Cr Collard said the native plants were chosen specifically for their coastal tolerance.  

He said Seabird community members, their family and friends, Shire of Gingin staff, and some interested, environmentally-aware visitors all took part in the planting activity. 

Seabird Progress Association organiser Frank Johnson  said it was a fantastic turn out.

“The enthusiasm shown by everyone was amazing and we achieved a considerable amount of replanting, covering the entire length of the wall,’’ he said.

Cr Collard said it was a great example of a community bending their backs and getting their hands dirty for an important cause, especially the children who also pitched in.

The event was organised by the Seabird Progress Association in partnership with the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council and the Shire of Gingin.