Service station plan upsets Newman Rd residents

Newman Rd resident Ken Sambell says a proposed service station for the corner of Yanchep Beach and Newman roads will have a negative effect on residents. Picture: Anita McInnes

NEWMAN Rd residents will be exposed to increased noise every day of the week and extra vehicles using their quiet no through road if a proposed service station gets approved.

The proposal for 11 Yanchep Beach Rd is also likely to affect Yanchep Beach Rd residents between Walker St and Newman Rd.

A traffic impact assessment prepared for the proposed BP petrol station and convenience store said Newman Rd is an access road bordering the development site to the east and is of a single carriageway standard, providing one lane for travel in each direction. “This road provides direct driveway access to residential properties with a general urban speed limit of 50km/h and a capacity of up to 3000 vehicles a day (indicative),’’ the assessment said.

“Traffic volumes on Newman Rd were estimated based on the number of properties fronting the road and is estimated at approximately 200 vehicles per day (vpd).’’

The development proposal includes a 7.2m wide crossover to the on-site car parking, about 150m from the intersection of Yanchep Beach Rd and Two Rocks Rd, a 6m wide crossover on Newman Rd, about 75m south of Yanchep Beach Rd (this connecting to the right of the carriageway) and an exit crossover from the site onto Newman Rd about 25m south of the intersection at Yanchep Beach Rd.

The traffic impact assessment said access to and from the site via the street network was expected to be predominantly via Yanchep Beach Rd via the 7.2m wide crossover in the short to medium term.

“In the longer term, as traffic volumes increase on Yanchep Beach Rd and this road is duplicated into a four-lane dual carriageway, the 7.2m wide crossover is expected to become a left-in/left-out crossover.

“The intersection of Yanchep Beach Rd and Newman Rd will then be expected to cater for the right turn movements from the site that would have occurred at the 7.2m wide crossover in the short to medium term.’’

As a result of the traffic analysis undertaken for the proposed development at Lot 11 (11) Yanchep Beach Rd the assessment said impacts of the traffic volumes associated with the development on the road network were considered acceptable now and in the future.

“The development should initially generate in the order of 350 vehicular trips per day with 35 of these in the PM peak – in the longer term the development should generate in the order of 840 vehicular trips per day with 84 of these in the PM peak.’’

Newman Rd resident Ken Sambell said he was devastated to hear about the proposal.

“It is asking us, who came to Yanchep 12 years ago for fresh air from the ocean, to have no choice but to live within 20m of constant toxic, raw benzene fumes passing all day, every day, through our home and living space,’’ he said.

The proposal is out for community consultation – go to (choose your say community engagement, consultations).

When the consultation period ends on September 18 the application will then proceed to be determined by the Metro North-West Joint Development Assessment Panel.

There are two Facebook pages relating to the proposal – Stop the Servo and Stop the Servo 2.

Disclosure: The journalist is a nearby landowner.