Smoke from fire in Neerabup waste facility

A fire in a Neerabup waste facility was first reported at 4.37pm yesterday. File picture

BUTLER Fire and Rescue and Joondalup Fire and Rescue are working to contain and control a fire at a waste facility in Neerabup.

In the latest alert about 11.30am the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation advised that if you feel that the air in your home or place of business is uncomfortable, consider going to a place with cleaner air (such as an air-conditioned building like a library or shopping centre) upwind or away from the incident if safe to do so.

The fire was first reported at 4.37pm on Thursday, November 11 and a smoke alert was issued for people travelling along Mitchell Fwy, Hester Ave, Wanneroo Rd and the surrounding areas in the City of Wanneroo.

This morning the Department of Fire and Emergency Services said potentially dangerous smoke from the fire on Hester Ave was being blown in a westerly direction towards Clarkson.

The new alert said although there was a lot of smoke in the area there was there was no direct threat to lives or homes.

As a precautionary measure, people in the area should remain inside, out of the smoke or fumes, with doors and windows closed. Air conditioners should also be switched off.

People should stay away from the area but if you are already in the area take advice from emergency services personnel.

People with medical concerns should contact their local doctor or call Health Direct on 1800 022 222.

Roads have not been closed but smoke may affect the Mitchell Fwy so motorists are asked to avoid the area, reduce speed and drive carefully due to smoke.

  • About 2pm DFES said the fire had been contained and controlled and there was no direct threat to the community.