Sprinkler switch off applies until end of August

Switching off sprinklers during the winter months saves billions of litres of water.

BUTLER and Yanchep households and businesses are being reminded to switch off garden sprinklers to help save billions of litres of water.

The Water Corporation also reminded councils such as the City of Wanneroo.

Water Corporation spokeswoman Clare Lugar said last year the winter sprinkler switch-off saved nearly five billion litres of water.

Ms Lugar said all scheme and domestic bore water users needed keep sprinklers – fed by both automatic irrigation and garden hoses – switched off until Friday, August 31 but hand watering was still permitted.

She said during winter many lawn varieties grown in Perth were dormant and evaporation rates and temperatures were generally lower, so gardens did not need extra watering.

“Last year, the simple act of turning our sprinklers off for winter saved enough water to fill Optus Stadium to the roof five times,” she said.

The winter sprinkler switch-off also applies to many licensed groundwater users that irrigate areas of non-commercial turf, lawn and gardens.

Groundwater licence conditions may allow for the watering of active sporting areas to maintain safe use, for bore maintenance and to establish new lawns and gardens for a limited period.

Ms Lugar said ignoring the winter sprinkler switch-off could result in a $100 fine if witnessed by a Water Corporation water efficiency inspector, or a written warning if reported by a member of the public. If people witness anyone breaching the switch-off, they can report this online at www.watercorporation.com.au/breach or by phoning 13 10 39.

In areas not subject to the switch-off, normal watering rosters and the daytime sprinkler ban still apply.

For details on how the ban applies to licensed bore water users go to www.water.wa.gov.au