Support still needed for rescued horses

One of the horses rescued by RSPCA WA in early April from a property north of Perth.

RSPCA WA still needs donations to rehabilitate horses rescued from a property outside the metropolitan area in early April.

The Gingin Veterinary Clinic cared for nine stallions rescued during the operation.

Dr Dirk Bolsenbroek from the clinic said the stallions were initially so scared they could not even be touched.

“The lure of food however worked as they were deprived from any form of nourishment,’’ he said.

“They were put on a planned feeding program, and have slowly built their trust as they are now allowing us to gently handle them for physical assessments.

“Unfortunately we lost one of the stallions due to debilitating pain caused by a massive injury on a leg which he has been suffering with for six years.”

The stallions have all been gelded and at least four of them have found new homes.

RSPCA chief inspector Amanda Swift said as well as the stallions more than a dozen mare and foals were transported from a property more 200km north of Perth to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga, all of which had responded well to treatment and were improving in strength by the day.

“All the horses surrendered to the RSPCA were originally found in a severe state of dehydration, malnourishment and were frightened and fearful,’’ she said.

“However, we are making some good headway in the rehabilitation of these horses and are pleased to see them responding well to medication for their various health conditions.

She said one of the mares named Luna gave birth to a stillborn foal, but she seemed to be recovering well while the other pregnant mares were also being closely observed.

“It has taken an extraordinary amount of vigilance and dedication by the staff at the shelter and the Veterinary Clinic to slowly turn the health of the horses around.’’

To donate to help with the rehabilitation of the horses at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga call 9209 9300 or visit