Transportation of firearms in WA

There has been public discussion about the regulations surrounding the transport of firearms in WA, says the licensing enforcement division.

WA Police say licensing enforcement division officers are working closely with the firearms industry to ensure efficient and safe transportation of firearms across Western Australia.

Licensing enforcement division superintendent Mark Gilbert said transportation of firearms was regulated in WA by the Firearms Act (1973).

“In addition to this, the WA Police Force sets policy for any person to become an approved commercial carrier or approved warehouseman.

“There has been recent public discussion about regulations surrounding the transport of firearms in Western Australia.

“We want to reassure firearms owners, industry and the public that our focus is ensuring efficient and safe practices are applied when transporting firearms in Western Australia.”

He said there were 15 companies approved to transport firearms in WA, including four which provided an interstate transportation service.

Others can apply by contacting the licensing enforcement (LED) directly on (08) 9454 1305.

Applicants will be required to adhere to some conditions, including that firearms must be rendered safe and concealed or covered while being transported (ie: transported in a locked container) or in an unlocked box or container if the firearm has a trigger lock or the bolt removed.

Another condition is the containers cannot be marked that they contain firearms or ammunition.

Firearms and ammunition must be transported separately and the transport company must take all reasonable precautions to ensure firearms are not lost or stolen.

The transport company must have a security checking regime for staff who transport firearms.

It is a requirement that motorcycles or pushbikes cannot be used for transportation (this is a legislative requirement – Sect 8(1)(g) Firearms Act).

Finally delivery can only be to a licenced firearm dealer, repairer or manufacturer.

Supt Gilbert said LED was working closely with organisers of the SSAA Shot Expo, which would be held in Claremont in October, on bespoke firearms transportation arrangements for the event.

He said that work would continue.