Travel bans to restrict travel between Wanneroo and Gingin

The McGowan Government’s new regional travel bans will start at midnight on Tuesday. File picture

WHEN the McGowan Government introduces regional travel bans they will restrict movement between Wanneroo and Gingin residents except for essential purposes.

The government has also warned that when the restrictions are brought in they will be pretty much immediate.

On Thursday, March 26 a spokeswoman for Premier Mark McGowan said doctor and medical appointments were classed as essential travel so Gingin residents would still be able to access appointments in Joondalup and Midland.

Yanchep News Online asked for clarification on the issue as Gingin Medical Centre patients are being advised – if they fit the strict criteria for testing – to attend one of the COVID Clinics in Perth.

On Wednesday, March 25 Premier Mark McGowan  said the government was urgently drafting regulations to stop people moving between the regions to try and slow the spread of the coronavirus between regions.

If those regulations mirror the restricted access to the Kimberley and remote Aboriginal communities, which the government announced this morning the only people who can enter a designated region will be someone providing essential services or supplies or someone who has been quarantined from the general public for the previous 14 days with some other special exemptions to apply.

The restrictions for the designated regions are enforceable through emergency determination powers under the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth).

A jail term of up to five years could apply to those who breach the determination.

Mr McGowan asked people who were thinking about travelling to the regions for the Easter holidays to not go ahead with their plans.”

“Please stay where you are,’’ he said.

“Perth and Peel will be treated as one region because obviously people in the Peel region work in the city – there is such close interaction.’’

He said in relation to regional restrictions essential purposes included people having to go home to look after a loved one, or going home to run a household or to go to where they earn a living.

Section 477 of the Biosecurity Act 2015 says the Health Minister may determine emergency requirements during a human biosecurity emergency period including requirements that apply to persons, goods or conveyances when entering or leaving specified places, requirements that restrict or prevent the movement of persons, goods or conveyances in or between specified places and requirements for specified places to be evacuated.

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