Two Rocks TV transmitter the best for Yanchep area

In the Yanchep area it is better for viewers ensure to receive their TV signals are from the Two Rocks transmission site than the Perth transmitter. File picture

THERE was a short outage at the Two Rocks digital TV transmitter site due to the bushfire but Yanchep residents still having reception problems can follow some advice provided by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) said according to TV coverage website mySwitch ( the Yanchep area should receive generally good TV coverage from the WAWA Tanks transmission site in Two Rocks.

An ACMA spokeswoman said the coverage modelling used in mySwitch did not take into account impediments such as foliage, vegetation or nearby obstructions such as buildings which could affect TV reception.

“As such, the mySwitch coverage information should be considered as indicative,’’ she said.

After Yanchep News Online contacted the authority on behalf of a few residents experiencing reception issues the ACMA contacted the broadcasters responsible for the provision of the Two Rocks TV services to confirm the status of the services in the area.

She said the ACMA was advised there had been bushfire-related damages causing an outage at the Two Rocks transmission site, lasting about one week, in December 2019.

But all services were restored to normal before the end of December and the site has been transmitting normally since then.

“Yanchep is also predicted to receive TV coverage from the Perth transmission site, located about 70km away,’’ she said.

“However, the Perth transmission site is predicted to provide only poor coverage in the Yanchep area and should be avoided.

“As two different transmission sites service the Yanchep area, it is essential the viewers ensure to receive their TV signals from the Two Rocks transmission site.

“Viewers in the area should also make sure that their TV receiver is tuned to the correct channels.

“Using the auto tuning option does not guarantee that the TV receiver or set top box will lock onto the best available signals from the local transmission site.’’

This means viewers may have their TV receiver tuned to the weaker signals and experience reception difficulties.

“To avoid this problem, the viewers should manually tune their TV receivers to the appropriate channels, using information from the mySwitch website.

“The ACMA also suggests that viewers with TV reception difficulties engage the services of an experienced antenna installer.

“The antenna installer can check if the receive antenna system is in good working order, TV sets are tuned to the correct channels and recommend the best type, placement, height and orientation of the antenna for optimal reception.’’

For viewers who are experiencing interference or other difficulties with reception, the ACMA has developed an information hub at

The hub provides information on how to resolve TV reception issues, focusing specifically on the importance of an optimised receive antenna system for reliable TV reception.