WA Police support for fathers

WA Police will be promoting the advice, activities and tips from the not-for-profit charity The Fathering Project.

ON the eve of Fathers’ Day police have announced their support for WA’s pioneering not-for-profit charity, The Fathering Project. 

A WA Police spokeswoman said The Fathering Project was a UWA-supported organisation led by a team of professionals, which aimed to help fathers and father figures realise how important they were in a child’s life and give them advice on how to encourage their children. 

Operations deputy commissioner Stephen Brown said research showed long-term benefits in circumstances where men demonstrated positive and inspiring fathering skills. 

“Where there are great fathers or father-figures around, you find the health and well-being of kids is far better and they’re more likely to grow up into wonderful adults,” he said. 

Deputy commissioner Brown said a long-term outcome of communities investing in fathering skills was a reduction in crime, anti-social behaviour, alcohol and drug use and other negative community issues. 

“Many of our male police officers are not just dads themselves, but also end up being ‘father figures’ or mentors to children in towns, remote communities and suburbs all over WA.

“The Fathering Project has a lot of great information and resources which we’ll be promoting inside our organisation and it would be wonderful to see other organisations and companies do that too,” he said. 

The UWA-supported Fathering Project was founded by medical specialist and 2013 Western Australian of the Year Bruce Robinson.

Dr Robinson said Father’s Day was a great time for everyone to reflect on the positive impact being a good dad could have.

“It’s never too late to be a better dad and the fact is, sometimes it’s the little skills that men overlook or are simply not aware of,” he said.

“The impact of a good dad will benefit the wellbeing of his kids today and tomorrow.

“At The Fathering Project, we work together with fathers and father figures to becoming better dads.

 “Our vision is for every child in Australia to have an effective father figure.” 

Dr Robinson said there was evidence fathers also benefited from working on their fathering skills and techniques, through feeling more satisfied with life, improved self-confidence and being less likely to experience stress. 

Deputy Commissioner Brown said WA Police intended promoting The Fathering Project’s advice, activities and tips to its workforce on an ongoing basis. 

“It’s something simple we can do, for a great potential outcome for everyone,” he said. 

For more information visit www.thefatheringproject.org