Wanneroo prioritises infrastructure projects

The City of Wanneroo’s priority infrastructure projects include the Splendid Park cycling facility, the Wanneroo recreation centre precinct and the North Coast aquatic and recreation centre. File picture

SOME road upgrades in Yanchep, Neerabup and Quinns Rocks, the North Coast aquatic centre and Splendid Park cycling facility are some of the City of Wanneroo’s priority infrastructure projects.

Six of the projects estimated to cost about $5.5 million are new to the city’s advocacy list after being identified as a priority due to availability of potential funding opportunities connected to Covid-19 stimulus initiatives.

Seven of the projects worth in total about $119.1m were already on the city’s advocacy list.

They include the North Coast aquatic and recreation centre, which according to an officer’s report presented to the city’s August 25 council meeting is estimated to cost $64m with an estimated delivery time of less than 10 years.

The report said the federal government had pledged $5m during the 2019 federal election and on August 2 the state government committed $10m towards the project.

On July 28 the council voted to build the aquatic centre on an Alkimos site but the exact site is still to be determined.

Two projects – the $30m Wanneroo recreation centre precinct and a $700,000 converting sports lighting to LED project – have estimated timeframes of less than five years.

All the other projects apart from the North Coast aquatic and recreation centre have less than two year timeframes.

Included in the less than two year timeframes list is the design and construction of the Splendid park cycle track, which was endorsed by councillors at the August 25 meeting.

The report said the estimated cost of the cycling track was $1.6m while its budget in the long term financial plan was $1.58m.

On August 25 councillors unanimously approved a motion moved by Mayor Tracey Roberts and seconded by councillor Brett Treby that the council endorse concept 1 at a cost of about $2.287m while noting the feasibility of increasing the width of the cycling track as outlined in concept 1B, would be considered as part of the detailed design.

The adopted recommendation also noted that progress of the construction phase of the project was subject to the city’s community sport and recreation facility fund grant application for the sum of $762,366 being successful, or securing other external funding to at least the equivalent value or additional municipal funding being identified as a result of the long term financial plan review, to cover the budget shortfall.

A $1.35m project to upgrade road and service infrastructure in the Yanchep industrial area is new to the priority infrastructure projects list as are a $1.05m upgrade to road and drainage infrastructure in the Quinns Rocks Primary School precinct and a $500,000 intersection upgrade at Marmion Ave and Santa Barbara Pde.

Two Flynn Dr upgrades worth $7.5m each were already on the priority infrastructure projects list.

The first is an upgrade to single carriageway on new alignment from Travertine Vista to Pinjar Rd and the second an upgrade to dual carriageway from Travertine Vista to Pinjar Rd.

In April 2014 the council unanimously endorsed the city’s first advocacy strategy.

“The strategy, which focused on roads, rail, region and reserves, has informed the city’s advocacy focus for federal and state elections from 2016 to 2019 and for ongoing advocacy work undertaken by the city in a wide range of political and policy settings,’’ the report said.

“A long list of projects and priorities was presented to council members at the February 25 council forum showing how these were evaluated using the guidelines.

“The most highly scoring projects were further assessed for investment readiness in order to assist in focusing advocacy effort on projects that are more ready for implementation.

“This short list was also presented to council members at the February 25 council forum.

“However, the Covid-19 pandemic has now provided another significant aspect that the city needs to consider for identification of more short term infrastructure needs and priorities.

“Following assessment of projects against this backdrop, a short term City of Wanneroo priority infrastructure projects list has been developed.’’