Yanchep Community Men’s Shed wins funding

The Yanchep Community Men’s Shed has been successful in obtaining a federal government grant. File picture

YANCHEP Community Men’s Shed has been awarded a grant of $6532 under the national shed development program.

Pearce MHR Christian Porter congratulated the Yanchep Community Men’s Shed on its successful application for the grant.

“Like similar sheds across Australia, the Yanchep Community Men’s Shed offers great benefits to any local men who need a bit of space and some friendly, easy-going company,” he said.

“The Liberal Government recognises these benefits and is providing a total of $5.1 million over three years to the national men’s sheds movement.”

Mr Porter said Yanchep Community Men’s Shed would use its government grant to fund a number of things such as purchase of tools, equipment and storage racks, the installation of dust collection system, community projects and training and building maintenance and development.

He said men were talking about their health more and more, and the men’s shed provided a safe and friendly environment for them to do so.

“Men’s sheds are integral to the community and the benefits to men’s health are widely acknowledged.”

In 2016, the rate of suicide among Australian males was more than three times that of females.

Heath Minister Greg Hunt said although mental illness affected both men and women, men were less likely to seek help or talk about their feelings.

“Feeling part of a social group is important to our emotional and mental health and every day Men’s Sheds around the country provide men with an opportunity for companionship,” he said.