Yanchep plasterer in comedy about wills

THE cast of Lady Willpower features Yanchep plasterer Chris Kennedy, Rachael Coltrona, Claire Westheafer, Jane Sherwood, Owen Phillips and Ursula Johnson, seated in front.

YANCHEP plasterer Chris Kennedy is dealing with a £30 million estate at Stirling Theatre this February, as part of his latest show.

Three siblings are battling over the money in the gentle comedy of bad manners and deceit Lady Willpower, written and directed by Bob Charteris.

Lady Catherine Cadwalladr has led an unusual life and intends to make her last days equally unusual by re-writing her will.

This causes animosity among her spiteful middle-aged children who think they are going to get an equal share of the estate – until they discover their mother has certain conditions.

Kennedy plays a lawyer dealing with the will, ensuring it follows Lady Cadwalladr’s wishes.

“It’s a supporting role and I have to play it straight down the line, given the others around me are such larger-than-life characters,” he said.

“Often the challenge is keeping a straight face, which can be difficult when you’re playing in a comedy.”

After taking acting classes in 2017, Kennedy dove headfirst into auditioning for everything he could and has since appeared with Stirling and Limelight Theatres and Life on Hold Productions in ’Allo ’Allo!, Fairytale of Sorts and A Clockwork Orange.

“I was keen to keep treading the boards so, whenever I see or hear of an opportunity to be on stage, I jump at it.’’

Writer Bob Charteris said his inspiration for Lady Willpower came from real-life events.

“I’ve always been fascinated by media reports of families fighting over wills so I thought it would make an ideal subject for a comedy,” he said.

Joining Lady Willpower on the same bill is The Greening of Grace, the story of a woman who changes her philosophy and politics after traumatic life events.

Both are being presented under the banner of “Grace and Willpower” and play at 8pm on February 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 and 23 with 2pm matinees on February 10 and 17.