Yanchep roos to be removed

Wildlife carers are concerned kangaroos, which also spend time in St Andrews, may be injured or killed when they are moved from the Sun City Country Club.

NORTHERN Valley Wildlife Support has called for more information about plans to relocate kangaroos from the Sun City Country Club in Yanchep.

On Wednesday the City of Wanneroo said due to its intervention a process was underway to address the ongoing kangaroo population in Yanchep with a two-pronged approach agreed to by the involved parties.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said the first stage – construction of containment fencing along all perimeters of the area – would be undertaken by land developers and Sun City Country Club with a small section to be installed by the city.

“The second stage – relocating of the existing kangaroo population by the Sun City Country Club – will begin as soon as fencing construction is complete,’’ she said.

Northern Valley Wildlife Support spokeswoman Sonia Cooke said the second stage – the relocating the existing kangaroo population by Sun City Country Club – concerned the group.

Ms Cooke said the group was concerned there might be injuries or even deaths to the kangaroos if the musterings and relocations were not carried out properly.

“Whilst the fence was down recently on the eastern side Northern Valley Wildlife Support had no call outs to sick or dead kangaroos on Yanchep Golf Estate,’’ she said.

She said if the solution was just going to continue to muster out the kangaroos it was just going to cause problems in the future as development moved north.

“It was agreed at the meeting with all parties concerned the only answer was permanent removal from the whole area as Yanchep is not big enough to sustain the numbers of kangaroos involved.”

Mrs Roberts said she was pleased the city’s mediation strategy had led to an agreement, and responded to community concerns about the welfare of the kangaroos in the residential area, and issues of public safety.

“We were approached by the community to coordinate effective action to bring about an acceptable solution to the kangaroo issue in Yanchep and have facilitated an outcome working with representatives from Sun City Country Club, Peet, PrimeWest, Yanchep Beach Joint Venture, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and North Valley Wildlife,’’ she said.

“While this issue is not the responsibility of the City of Wanneroo, it is wonderful to see our action has led the responsible parties to work collaboratively to resolve this situation.

“We always strive to facilitate positive outcomes for the community and we are confident this will bring about the best results for the community, the stakeholders, and importantly, the kangaroos.”