Yanchep sporting fields nearly ready

Capricorn Beach estate sales agent Richard Cull celebrates the completion of turfing at the Yanchep sporting fields.

THE long-awaited Yanchep sporting fields and clubrooms are due to open early next year after turfing of the fields was finished this week.

Four years ago in August Butler MLA John Quigley asked then planning minister John Day to expedite consideration of the sporting fields before the Western Australian Planning Commission when he raised a grievance about planning amendment 122 to City of Wanneroo’s district planning scheme 2.

In Parliament Mr Quigley said the amendment before the Western Australian Planning Commission concerned 17ha of land in Yanchep for district recreational sporting fields.

“Yanchep, as we all know, was, until just a few years ago, a village,’’ he said.

“All the surrounding land was owned by private developers who have subdivided it and brought into the district a massive population of over 10 000, with nearly 1000 at Alkimos, as well as the Jindowie and St Andrews estates.

“I am sure the minister is aware of the exploding population.

“These are young families who have moved into the area and, as all young families do, they have aspirations for a healthy lifestyle for their children.

“One football oval existed in Yanchep – Oldham Reserve – upon which all of the villagers’ recreation happened, but it is entirely inadequate for the population now inundating the area.’’

Mr Quigley then detailed some of the politics and argy-bargy that generally goes on when councilors and developers disagree about who should pay for what and how much when it comes to community infrastructure.

In answer Mr Day said the City of Wanneroo had told him they would like amendment 122 to be finalised as quickly as was reasonably possible.

“I recognise that the community and, from what the member says, the majority of private landowners, are keen to see the amendment progress as quickly as possible so that we can get an outcome delivering some of the recreational parks, sporting grounds and other infrastructure needed for the rapidly growing region,’’ he said.

“I recognise that the northern growth corridor of the City of Wanneroo comprises about 100sqkm of largely undeveloped urban and urban–preferred zoned land in Alkimos, Eglinton, Yanchep and Two Rocks.

“It is expected that the development of the corridor will ultimately accommodate a population of about 230,000 residents over the next 50 years.

“Clearly, it is important that adequate community facilities are provided for a population of that size.’’

On Friday Capricorn Beach estate sales agent Richard Cull said when completed the $7.3 million Yanchep sporting fields would be used and enjoyed by Yanchep residents as well residents in neighbouring areas such as Two Rocks.

“The turfing of the playing fields will give the community a clearer impression of the scale and quality of this important infrastructure development at Yanchep,’’ he said.

“The major sporting facility includes two multi-use ovals catering for football, little athletics, ruby, soccer and cricket, as well as hard courts for netball and basketball.

“In particular, basketball courts bring back fond childhood memories for me when I played basketball during my youth in Manchester, England.

“This new sporting facility is just one of several major infrastructure projects planned for Yanchep including the $12m neighbourhood centre at Capricorn Beach Estate which recently started construction as well as the new railway station that will begin operations in 2021.’’