Call for Marmion Ave dual carriageway

Alkimos residents and Butler MLA John Quigley call for Marmion Ave to be made into a dual carriageway.


ALKIMOS Resident’s Association and other residents associations in the area want Marmion Ave made into a dual carriageway all the way from Butler to Yanchep, according to Butler MLA John Quigley.

Mr Quigley said Marmion Ave was cleared and shovel ready.

“If we can convince the government, it is ready to go right now, he said.

“The freeway hasn’t been designed as yet and will need community consultation.

“Within government at the moment there is a suggestion that after Romeo Rd it swings east and joins with Wanneroo Rd, others want it to go through to Yanchep and there has to be planning with the community so that it fits in with rail.

“It was done so badly near Burns Beach Rd they had to demolish the Currambine train station and rebuild it 200m further across, we want a proper process of community consultation and design for the freeway.

“Marmion Ave is ready to have the dual carriage way, so we believe we should push to have it started immediately while the freeway is being planned and designed.

Meanwhile on January 19 the Barnett Government committed committed $5 million towards the project development and early construction phase of a traffic bridge at the intersection of Wanneroo and Ocean Reef roads.

Transport Minister Bill Marmion said the bridge would be constructed on Wanneroo Rd and pass over Ocean Reef Rd, with on and off ramps remaining for traffic access to both roads.

“When completed, this project will provide a range of efficiency and safety benefits for the community,” he Marmion said.

“Up to 80,000 vehicles pass through this intersection each day – the bridge will significantly improve traffic movement through the area and reduce delays during peak periods.

“The improvements will decrease the number and severity of traffic incidents, delivering additional safety benefits for commuters and the local community.

“In addition, construction is expected to generate work for up to 350 people over the life of the project.

“This interchange has been planned for more than 20 years and growth in the area has now reached a point where commencement of this project is considered necessary.

“The increased efficiency of traffic movement from the proposed bridge configuration could also enable the future development of land through this corridor.”

Wanneroo Road carries up to 44,000 vehicles a day, with more than 8 per cent of those heavy vehicles while Ocean Reef Rd carries up to 47,500 vehicles a day.