Election candidates in Guilderton

Candidates for the 2017 State Election will be in Guilderton on Monday, February 13. Picture: WAEC


A MEETING at Guilderton Community Hall on Monday, February 13 at 7pm will allow residents to meet the candidates contesting the March State Election.

Yanchep News Online understands candidates from the Liberal, Labor, National and One Nation parties will attend and residents will be able to ask questions.

The election will take place on Saturday,  March 11.

The period for candidates to nominate will open with the issue of the election writs on Wednesday, February 1 and close at noon on Friday, February 10.

There are 16 political parties registered with the Western Australian Electoral Commission ­– the Animal Justice Party, Australian Christians (WA), Australian Labor Party (Western Australian Branch), Daylight Saving Party, Family First Party, Fluoride Free WA, Julie Matheson for Western Australia, Liberal Democratic Party, Micro Business Party, National Party of Australia (WA), Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (WA), Socialist Alliance WA, The Flux Party – WA, The Greens (WA) and The Liberal Party of Australia (Western Australian Division).

Western Australian Electoral Commission electoral commissioner David Kerslake said seven parties had been added since the 2013 State Election.

Mr Kerslake also released a statement about his reasons for  registering the party known as Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

He said in light of media interest he decided to post an outline of his reasons on the electoral commission’s website.

“The Electoral Act provides that an application may be refused if the party application name is the same as the name of an existing registered party,’’ he said.

“The name may also be refused if it so closely resembles the name of an existing party or so closely resembles the name of a public body, that the resemblance is likely to cause confusion.

“I have considered the application, objections, replies and relevant provisions of the Electoral Act.

“I have formed the view that the name Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is not the name of an existing party as defined by the Electoral Act.

“I have also formed the view that the name Pauline Hanson’s One Nation does not so nearly resemble the name One Nation WA that it is likely to be confused with or mistaken for that name.

“While both names include the phrase One Nation, I am satisfied that this, on its own, is unlikely to give rise to confusion or mistake because both names contain, in addition to that phrase, distinct and different elements.

“Those distinct and different elements are respectively the phrases Pauline Hanson’s on the one hand and WA on the other and I consider that these two phrases are so different from each other that they are unlikely to give rise to confusion or mistake when read in conjunction with the phrase One Nation.

“I am therefore satisfied that I am neither required nor do I have the discretion to refuse to register Pauline Hanson’s One Nation on the register of political parties.’’

Residents are reminded they can still enroll to vote until 6pm on Thursday, February 9.