City of Wanneroo financial health falls

MyCouncil website data shows the City of Wanneroo’s financial health compared with previous years and other councils.

CITY of Wanneroo financial data now available on the MyCouncil website shows the city’s financial health score fell in the 2015-16 financial year.

According to the website data the city’s financial health score was 70 in 2015-16 down from 86 in 2013-14.

But the MyCouncil website said a score of 70 and above indicated sound financial health and that the financial health indicator was just one factor to consider in assessing overall performance.

“Other factors include the range of services offered, efficiency of services delivered and community satisfaction.’’

Local Government Minister David Templeman said new data on the website revealed how local governments were raising, spending and managing their money.

Mr Templeman said the website launched in April 2016 had been updated with data extracted from 2015-16 local government annual financial statements.

He said as part of the update, Western Australian ratepayers would be able to view information on payments received by elected members, local government long-term liabilities and the percentage of female elected members.

“Much of the information available on MyCouncil will be available for the first time,’’ he said.

“In future, it is hoped that more information on local governments will be made public on the website, increasing accountability.

“I am confident this will be a useful tool to prompt discussion about council performance and lead to improved community services for everyone.

“I encourage the community to use the website to view and compare their local government’s performance, and I encourage local governments to compare their performance with others.

“MyCouncil has had more than 100,000 page views since its launch, enabling WA’s ratepayers to determine their council is value for money by accessing, comparing and sharing information about its financial health.’’

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