Green light for Lancelin Skate and BMX Park

The Shire of Gingin will manage the upgrade to the Lancelin Skate and BMX Park. Illustration only

AN upgrade of the Lancelin Skate and BMX Park in Wangaree Park is expected to be finished in September this year.

The upgrade to the skate and BMX park will include the addition of a quarter pipe-bowl style bank, jump box and flat roll-in, manual pad and flat bank box with a grind box and rail, a pump track and renewal of the existing steel half pipe.

Shire of Gingin President David Roe said the federal government’s investment in the Lancelin community was fantastic.

“Lancelin is one of our peak tourism hot spots along our coastline and this infrastructure will benefit not only the local community by the many tourists that visit Lancelin,” he said.

The shire will manage the project.

Pearce MHR Christian Porter said the community had been passionate about the Lancelin Skate and BMX Park and he was happy to see the government committing $126,000 to the project.

“The Liberal Government promised Lancelin a skate and BMX park and the Liberal Government is delivering that to the community,” he said.

“The existing Lancelin Skate and BMX Park is already very popular with the local youth and holiday makers and an upgrade to the facility is required.

“A well designed, maintained and managed skate facility can promote a healthy community life where people can have fun, make new friends and keep active.

“By investing in projects like this one we help grow a more vibrant and viable community.

“I am proud to have fought for this project for our local community and am proud to seeing it move closer to completion.”