Gingin pool fencing laws change

From July 1 the Shire of Gingin will inspect all swimming pools and will include them on its four-yearly inspection plan.

SWIMMING pool fencing regulations in the Shire of Gingin now apply to all swimming pools and spas throughout the shire not just the townsite.

Shire of Gingin president Sam Collard said amendments to Building Regulations 2012 took effect on December 23 last year.

Cr Collard said previously, schedule 5 of the regulations specified that part 8, division 2 only applied to town sites in the shire.

But schedule 5 has now been amended so that part 8 division 2 of the regulations now applies to al areas of the shire.

He said all building permit applications for new pools were now required to comply with the amended regulations.

The amendment to the regulations also applies to existing swimming pools within the shire.

“The shire intends to liaise with property owners to ensure that compliant fencing is constructed around existing swimming pools on all properties as soon as possible,’’ he said.

“Property owners who have a swimming pool or spa with fencing that has Shire of Gingin building approval and has been included on the four-yearly inspection program will not be affected by the regulation changes.’’

From July 1 the shire will carry out inspections of all swimming pools and will include them on its four-yearly inspection plan.

He said in the past six years 13 children under the age of five drowned and 258 children were hospitalised due to swimming pool accidents in Western Australia (Ombudsman WA statistic) leaving many with long term health and emotional effects.

“The implementation of amendments to the Swimming Pool Fencing Regulations is intended to protect residents and visitors to the shire.’’