Grateful Two Rocks resident sends gift to fireman

Bob Hysen of Two Rocks says he will send this wooden fire engine to the fireman who helped save his home on Dame Pattie Dr. Picture: Anita McInnes


BOB Hysen was one of the Two Rocks residents who had to leave his home on Friday due to the major bushfire, which started in the S-bends on Wanneroo Rd on December 11.

Mr Hysen said at 10.30pm there was an almighty knock on the front door and when he opened the door he could see a big glow coming over the hill towards Dame Pattie Dr.

He ran around and grabbed what he could and made sure others including a neighbour had already left before he went down to the marina.

When he saw the glow it was horrendous but said it was worse down at the marina because he could see the bushfire was heading directly for his home.

“But luckily the easterly wasn’t really strong then because it virtually crept over the hill,’’ he said.

When he returned he found his home was safe but there was a fireman in the backyard and he thought his pergola may have gone.

The Yanchep bushfire, which has burnt about 13,000ha came very close to homes near this Dame Pattie Dr and Tenggara Ave intersection. Picture Anita McInnes

“But then (the fireman) came up and just said keep an eye on the palm as that caught fire and my Bali hut was singed and he put that out.

“And then he left a note for me – his own card.

“The note says on the back ‘Sorry about the Bali hut roof – keep an eye on the big palm it caught alight up top’ with a smiley face.’’

Mr Hysen praised the firefighters.

“Unbelievable, they were unbelievable, they had over 40 trucks just in this front street plus down the back street.’’

Now that he is retired he makes fire engines and other models from jarrah and pine so he intends to send one to the firefighter who helped save his home a wooden fire engine as a sign of his appreciation.

The Yanchep bushfire was reported at 2.16pm on Wednesday, December 11 and so far has burnt about 13,000ha.

A bushfire emergency warning is still in place for Woodridge, Seatrees and Breakwater estates and the localities of Caraban and Wilbinga and surrounding areas in the City of Wanneroo and Shire of Gingin.

DFES is reminding people that access to emergency warning areas is prohibited and advising them not to use local roads to access the fire ground as the area is dangerous. Picture: Anita McInnes

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services is reminding people that access to emergency warning areas is prohibited and advising them not to use local roads to access the fire ground as the area is dangerous and poses a risk to people’s safety.

They are also reminding people not to fly a drone near a bushfire as it poses a major risk to personnel and forces fire fighting aircraft to be grounded.

The following roads remain closed – Breakwater Dr between Mayflower Pde and Indian Ocean Dr, Yanchep Beach Rd between Parkland Rd and Indian Ocean Dr, Indian Ocean Dr between Gingin Brook Rd and Pipidinny Rd and Old Yanchep Rd between Indian Ocean Dr and Cutler Rd.

But Brand Hwy has one lane open between Airfield Rd and Breera Rd.

A bushfire watch and act has been issued for people in Guilderton, Eglinton, Sovereign Hill, Redfield Park, Yanchep, Two Rocks and the localities of Gabbadah and Neergabby and surrounding areas.