Hearing bus in Gingin soon

Australian Hearing will provide hearing checks to any adults over 18 who visit the bus in Gingin on November 22. Picture: Australian Hearing

THE Australian Hearing bus will be at Gingin District Community Resource Centre this month to offer residents free hearing checks and raise hearing health awareness.

The bus will be at 1A Lilly King Pl adjacent to the Shire of Gingin administration building on Wednesday, November 22 from 9.30am to 2.30pm.

Australian Hearing Morley manager Julie Faulkner said because age-related hearing loss developed gradually over time, it was common for people be unaware their hearing was diminishing.

Hearing loss was a prevalent issue in the community, with around 60 per cent of Australians over 60 suffering from some form of hearing loss.

“A hearing check is a quick and easy way to measure the sounds you can and can’t hear,’’ she said.

“Our team will also be on hand to guide you through what next steps you may have to take in regards to your hearing.’’

As well as having a hearing check, visitors can access information on a range of common hearing issues and view a display of easy-to-use hearing devices for around the home, including headsets for watching the TV and alert systems for doorbells.

Ms Faulkner said not everyone who was experiencing problems hearing needed a hearing aid.

“Sometimes it’s just hearing the TV at normal volumes, hearing your doorbell, or hearing your friends on the phone that’s the problem.”

No appointment is necessary.

Australian Hearing will provide hearing checks to any adults over 18 who visit the bus on the day.

Australian Hearing provides subsidised hearing care for eligible people, including pensioners and most veterans.

For more information call 131 797 or visit www.hearing.com.au

If you are concerned about your child’s hearing, please call Australian Hearing’s specialists on 1800 740 301 or contact your local GP.