Marine Rescue Two Rocks is seeking volunteers

A Marine Rescue Two Rocks training day underway – all new members are required to undertake Volunteer Marine Rescue training.

IF you want to volunteer at Marine Rescue Two Rocks – either manning the radios, rescue vessels or telephones – the group is keen to hear from you.

Marine Rescue Two Rocks (MRTR) provides marine rescue services from Alkimos Reef to Moore River and Seabird and other marine rescue services as requested by WA Police.

MRTR volunteers provide the boating public with emergency marine rescue coverage seven days a week so welcomes new members.

All new members are required to undertake Volunteer Marine Rescue training such as first aid, radio communications, seamanship and navigation depending on their preferred pathway – for example radio operator, marine rescue crew and rescue skipper.

Some volunteers elect to undertake radio work exclusively while those who wish to serve as boat crew also assist with radio communications.

When a vacancy occurs, skippers to be rostered are selected from those qualified at the VMR5 – rescue skipper restricted and VMR6 – rescue skipper unrestricted levels.

The minimum age for volunteers is 18 years.

Once you express interest in becoming a MRTR volunteer, a date is set for an information interview with the group secretary.

On accepting to become a volunteer application documentation is provided and on receiving the completed documentation MRTR administration will forward this to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) for them to process the application checks.

Once accepted, receipt of your DFES and TR numbers are provided and you will then be ready to start training as a MRTR member.

The MRTR base is on Pope St in Two Rocks.

Contact the secretary on 0457 872 382 for more information.