Mel Kay & Liberté gig about healing

Quinns Baptist College music teacher Mel Kay is back with her band Liberté at Gargano’s Black Cat Lounge on April 6. Picture: Dana Weeks

AFTER the success of their Personality Disorder Catalyst gig last year, Quinns Baptist College music teacher Mel Kay & Liberté are back to perform new songs at Gargano’s Black Cat Lounge on April 6.

Kay said the re-vamped version of the show has been tailored for a more intimate environment and goes deeper into the subject of healing from trauma, the cycle of abuse and the cause and effects of mental health.

“The intention is to raise awareness of how childhood can have a bittersweet effect on the outlooks we often obtain as adults,” she said.

“We will be focusing on healing and acceptance, as well as the issues that surround mental health, instead of focusing solely on the things that can keep people stuck.

“The show is about how our mental state and inner worlds can change our outer realities drastically.

“It focuses on the mind, trauma, love, loss and the in-between, as well as the coping strategies we frequently adopt to deal with the often sobering world we live in.

“We hope to create a story, from start to finish, through music that demonstrates the journey of abuse to healing, trauma to recovery and fear to love.”

Since their last show, Mel Kay & Liberté have been added to Big Skye Entertainment’s roster, released a live album online and launched their official website

They have also been collaborating with UK producer Backfall on music that focuses on raising awareness about the cycle of abuse.

Involved in music from age three, Kay became serious about making it her career when she turned 17 and was accepted into the WA Academy of Performing Arts.

Over four years, she appeared in multiple WAAPA showcases and performed at the Ellington Jazz Club with original bands, also doing professional cover work in recent years.

In 2014, Kay recorded her first single Lonely Now and formed the 10-piece Liberté in 2015 – a year later, they released Feel Alright and Upside Down Town and scored local and international airplay.

After being signed to Sydney label The A&R Department, they released Let It Burn in 2017 which gained the attention of producers in the UK and Canada.

Kay said future plans including recording their next single 1940 and giving a voice to the voiceless through music.