Merry Christmas everyone

Christmas is a time of joy for many but a challenging time for others.

Merry Christmas everyone.

I look forward to spending the day with family especially my grandchildren – their excited faces as they open their presents is very special but for me nothing beats watching them play with their siblings and cousins.

Messages from family over east and friends also make the day extra special.

But I also remember those who will find the festive season a sad or lonely time.

Unemployment is up in the City of Wanneroo and probably Shire of Gingin residents might be finding it harder to find jobs as well so some families will have found it hard to put food on the table let alon buy presents.

Then there are the families who have lost loved ones this year.

Three immediately come to mind.

The two children allegedly killed by their father in their Flight Vista home on October 20.

The death of 28-year-old Daniel Chadbund after a motorbike accident at Barbagallo on April 30.

And the death of a 38-year-old Lennard Brook man after a crash on Bran Hwy in Muchea on May 5 – police have since charged the other driver involved in the accident.

Please drive carefully everyone.