Moore River flood alert

Heavy rain in the Central West District means minor flooding is possible in the Moore River catchment.


  • The Bureau of Meteorology has cancelled the alert for the Moore River catchment area: visit

PEOPLE in the Moore River catchment area should prepare for possible minor flooding after heavy rainfall in the Central West District during the weekend.

The Moore River drainage system according to the Moore River Catchment Council, covers an extensive area of land, linking the shires of Gingin, Dandaragan, Victoria Plains, Moora, Coorow, Dalwallinu, Carnamah and Perenjori.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services released an alert at 11.40am on Sunday, March 27 saying that at 10.58am the Bureau of Meteorology advised there was a flood watch for the Central West District after heavy rainfall in the area.

The bureau said for the 24 hours to 9am Saturday, rainfall totals up to 65 mm were recorded and for the 24 hours to 9am Sunday, rainfall totals of 10mm to 40mm were recorded.

A department spokeswoman said the alert, which included the Hill River catchment, was for people to prepare for a flood, which at this stage was expected to be minor, but for people to keep a look out for further alerts in case the situation changed.

She advised people to prepare to relocate equipment and livestock early so they were not caught in floodwaters.

The advice said to prepare an emergency kit including enough canned food and water to last for four days, as well as clothing, important documents and medication and to fill your vehicle’s fuel tank.

People should also watch for changes in water levels so they were ready need to relocate if necessary.

The advice said people should not walk, swim or play in floodwaters, as they were dangerous and people should stay out of rivers, which also meant no swimming or kayaking in them and to not park or camp next to rivers.

Drivers needed to be careful at crossings and floodways as river levels could rise rapidly and they needed to obey road closure signs and to not drive into water of unknown depth and current.

When driving on gravel and unsealed roads people should take care as the roads could be slippery and muddy, and they could get bogged.

Travellers should carry extra food and water in case of long delays at crossings.

People in the South West and Lower South West should take care after rising water levels in local rivers and streams.

The Bureau of Meteorology advised the flood watch had been cancelled for the Lower West District and the South West District.