Yanchep roos to be moved

A young kangaroo paces up and down the fence keeping it from returning to its mob on the Sun City Country Club golf course. Picture: Anita McInnes

A MEETING will be held on Wednesday, March 23 to discuss moving kangaroos stranded in St Andrews estate back to the golf course and then in to Yanchep National Park.

ST Andrews residents have been putting out water for kangaroos, which found themselves on the wrong side of fence between the estate and Sun City Country Club.

Sun City Country Club president Greg Mitchell at one point there were 3500 kangaroos on the club’s golf course but with a fencing program in full swing and mustering conducted weekly there were now about 700 kangaroos left on the course.

Northern Valleys Wildlife Support said the group was contacted by concerned St Andrews residents.

Group spokeswoman Sonia Cooke said every day the kangaroos and joeys were pacing the fence line and calling out to the rest of their mob on the golf course.

“There are around 60 to 70 kangaroos currently living in the park and road side verges,’’ she said.

She said residents were also concerned about dogs attacking the kangaroos.

Mr Mitchell said the club had a kangaroo management plan with the Department of Parks and Wildlife but the real issue was the urban sprawl affecting the wildlife in and around the national park.

“The problem should be addressed by the City of Wanneroo when approving these developments, having the developers submit along with their plans, a strategic plan on how they will address – being fencing or relocation – the wildlife issues when backing on to a national park,’’ he said.

He said the kangaroos could be shepherded from the golf course into the national park.

“We are not land locked yet so there is a corridor to muster them back to the national park (but) the fencing issue by the developers must be addressed soon.

Ms Cooke said the group had suggested a solution, which required the fenced out kangaroos to be temporarily allowed back into the golf course to reunite with their mob.

“We are also advising interested parties how to prevent this from happening again.

“As the developers are somewhat to blame for this situation, we are requesting help from them in regards to fencing and a permanent relocation of all kangaroos to the Yanchep National Park.

“We hope to be able to work alongside developers to ensure better practices are put in place so this does not keep happening.

“In our opinion before any approvals are given by (councils) for land clearing and development we are requesting new legislation that requires any existing kangaroo populations be relocated, not just pushed north and east as has been the case here.

The problem has been caused by all the development taking place on Marmion Ave and Yanchep.

Earlier this month the City of Wanneroo said it had has sought ministerial intervention on behalf of residents seeking an immediate and effective response to concerns about the welfare of kangaroos at.

When contacted Environment Minister Albert Jacob said management of kangaroos at the golf course was the responsibility of the land manager, which was the Yanchep Sun City Country Club.

“I have been informed that the City of Wanneroo has contracted an environmental consultant to develop a management strategy for dealing with the kangaroos in the urban area.

“The Department of Parks and Wildlife will continue to provide appropriate wildlife management advice as required and I have asked to continue to be informed about the issue.

“I have been assured there are no significant welfare concerns for these animals at this time.

“While they may appear to be trapped outside of the golf course estate, there is ample open space and food sources outside of the estate for these individuals, including Yanchep National Park to the north.”

On Friday, March 18 a City of Wanneroo spokeswoman said representatives would be meeting again to discuss what action to take.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife said the department had been liaising with the City of Wanneroo and the Sun City Country Club on the issue since November last year.

A spokesman said Parks and Wildlife had provided advice to Sun City Country Club and the City of Wanneroo to encourage the kangaroos to move into the golf course and then out of the east gate into adjacent bushland.