Mother’s Day a touch too sweet

Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston in Mother's Day.

By Tracey Fox

3 stars

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts

In the same vein as Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day and possibly where this all began with the all-time favourite Christmas ensemble that is Love Actually, there has been a string of films dedicated to patch working a whole bunch of side stories together to make one feel good family pleaser, and Mother’s Day has followed the script to a T.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just seems a bit forced.

Gathering a pile of stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson together to explore the many and varied forms of motherhood certainly helps, but essentially it looks like they went through the calendar for the specific purpose of cobbling together another candy coated money maker and set it loose in the cinemas just in time for Mother’s Day.

Now, I am a mother myself, I actually had one once too; I’ve even had a mother-in-law at one point so I have a few perspectives on what motherhood is all about, although my mother-in-law was a treat and a fine baker of goodies, so I thankfully missed out on the traditional evil mother-in-law stereotype.

Anyone with a family will know there are many different types of women and as no-one is given an instruction manual they all have their own ideas about bringing up children.

Mother’s Day has them all: the friendly divorced mother who shares custody of her kids, the cheerful lesbian couple raising a son, the mixed-race family who are frowned upon my their racist parents, the newly pregnant girlfriend terrified of commitment…and the list goes on.

All in all, Mother’s Day is a sugary ball of candy floss that anyone can safely take Mum (and Nanna for that matter) to for a day out at the flicks to celebrate the special women in our lives.

And that in itself is why I liked this movie, it’s never going to go down as a classic piece of cinematic history, but it was never meant to either.

Mother’s Day is a feel good film you can happily watch while eating popcorn, and then go home with a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

It is perhaps a gentle reminder that we should all take a bit of time out to show our Mum we appreciate her, even when she can drive us a little bit crazy from time to time.