Netballers take to Yanchep courts

Turn It Up at Splendid Park on Thursday ready to take on the Black Cats in the Yanchep Netball Club’s social competition. Picture: Anita McInnes


NETBALLERS are taking to the courts for a social competition at Splendid Park on Thursday evenings.

Organised by Yanchep Netball Club the nine-week competition will finish just before Christmas.

President Kristy Loftus said this was the first time Yanchep Netball Club had run a social competition.

On Thursday, October 24 four teams – Flaming Galahs, Turn It Up, Black Cats and Minties – played in the two earlier games with four teams – Mixed Up, All Sorts, Spring Chix and Blue Lagoon – playing in the later games.

Soccer Mums had the first bye.

Turn It Up are top of the ladder at the end of the first round.

The Black Cats are taking part in the social netball competition at Splendid Park. Picture: Anita McInnes

At the end of the season there will be a trophy for the team

which finishes top of the ladder and medals for the winning team members.

During the season the umpires will be voting for a most valuable player award.

Mrs Loftus said the response from local netballers had been fantastic with all of them wanting to take part as usually they had to travel to Kingsway or Joondalup to play.

“It’s great to see so many local women joining us at the netball courts the council provided in Yanchep in 2018 giving us the ability to run such a competition,’’ she said.

“Before that our club, established in 1974, had to use the school courts to train for the winter season.

“It would be great to see in the future indoor courts with club rooms like they have in regional communities or additional netball courts and club rooms, toilet and storage facilities to help with the growing demand and growing population of this area as we are in need of more sporting facilities.”