New access road to Yanchep station site for workers

The site of the future Yanchep station as seen from the northern end of Splendid Ave. Picture: Anita McInnes

A NEW access track from St Andrews Dr is being constructed to provide workers on the Yanchep rail extension with another access point to the future Yanchep station site.

A Metronet spokeswoman said there was no intention to close Yanchep Beach Rd as part of the Yanchep rail extension project.

But as the project progressed, site traffic could increase so the new access track would ensure there was less impact on the broader community when workers accessed the site.

While the access track is being built there will be an increase in vehicles working on the track behind Moorpark Ave with fencing, access gates and site signage installed.

The access track is expected to be finished by mid-April.

The spokeswoman said the gate at the end of Splendid Ave was used by construction vehicles to access the stockpile and station sites, including during out of hours works.

“Once the new access track from St Andrews Dr has been built it will provide an alternative access point for workers to this site,’’ she said.

“The land where earth is being stockpiled is leased land from the developer for the project to use for this purpose during construction.’’

Existing traffic barriers at the Yanchep Beach Rd diversion have recently been replaced during nightworks.

Metronet Yanchep rail extension works information says trucks will transport earth from the rail corridor to developer land via Kakadu Rd and Morwell St until mid-June.

Until late April excavation, bridge beam concreting and building of the Yanchep Beach Rd bridge deck structure will be underway.

Works will be within the rail corridor north of Yanchep Beach Rd, with possible increased noise and vibration.

Due to out of hours earth works machinery and vehicles will operating in parts of the rail corridor to excavate, compact and transport material until August 18.

The Yanchep Beach Rd diversion where existing traffic barriers were recently replaced during nightworks. Picture: Anita McInnes

The works will be at the Yanchep Station site and stockpile, north of Splendid Ave, Yanchep, and within the rail corridor between Bluewater Dr and Pipidinny Rd, Eglinton.

Until November concrete trucks will sometimes operate from 4.30am and will access the Yanchep compound off Kakadu Rd and travel down the rail corridor, with occasional access to the Yanchep station site along Splendid Ave.

Booderee Rd will be temporarily closed at the intersection of Yanchep Beach Rd until mid-2023.

Works include building the road-over-rail bridge, tying the bridge into Yanchep Beach Rd, removing the diversion, rebuilding the traffic island and path and revegetating sections along the road.

Meanwhile, Pipidinny Rd between Marmion Ave and Beonaddy Rd is due to open again in the middle of this year.

Works in the area include building the road-over-rail bridge at Pipidinny Rd, the widening of Pipidinny Rd and the installation of a new sewer line under Pipidinny Rd to service Eglinton station.

While Pipidinny Rd is closed road users are using Hester Ave or Yanchep Beach Rd to access Wanneroo Rd.

Yanchep News Online asked Main Roads WA if once the Eglinton station work is completed and Pipidinny Rd is open to traffic again will there be any measures taken to make the Wanneroo and Pipidinny roads intersection more suitable for the volume of traffic that would be using it daily.

Main Roads WA spokesman Dean Roberts said Main Roads was aware of possible future increases to traffic at the intersection of Wanneroo Rd and Pipidinny Rd.

“Any improvement works at the intersection with Wanneroo Rd are subject to funding for construction,’’ he said.

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