Santorini Prom and Alkimos Dr bridge works update

The Santorini Prom bridge deck concrete pour. Picture: Metronet

UNTIL late June workers on the Yanchep rail extension will be building the concrete slabs that connect the Santorini Prom bridge deck to each side of the train line within the rail corridor between Santorini Prom and Howden Pde in Alkimos.

Works involving drilling, installing piles and concreting for the Alkimos Dr bridge will in the area south of Bowline Ave so noise and vibration may be experienced until late April.

Heavy vehicles will also be nearby.

Due to out of hours earth works machinery and vehicles will operating in parts of the Yanchep rail corridor to excavate, compact and transport material until August 18.

The works will be at the Yanchep Station site and stockpile, north of Splendid Ave, Yanchep, and within the rail corridor between Bluewater Dr, Alkimos and Pipidinny Rd, Eglinton.

Until November concrete trucks will intermittently operate from 4.30am and will access the Yanchep compound off Kakadu Rd and travel down the rail corridor, with occasional access to the Yanchep station site along Splendid Ave.

In other Yanchep rail extension works Alkimos traffic controls will be in place intermittently from 9am to 2.30pm, Monday to Friday until mid-2023 to enable the safe entry and exit of heavy vehicles from the rail access gates across Bainbridge Ave between Maroon Ave and Buchannan Ave.

New access road to Yanchep station site for workers