Seabird association helps pay for seawall

The Shire of Gingin says recent storm activity at Seabird has caused some problems.

THE Seabird Progress Association has contributed $20,000 toward the cost of funding an extension of the Seabird seawall. 

Shire of Gingin President David Roe said at a special council meeting on Friday, June 3 the council resolved to extend the seawall under construction at Seabird to protect infrastructure on Reserve 51188.

Cr Roe said the reserve infrastructure consisted of a car park, access road, boardwalk and informal boat-vehicle access ramp to the beach. “While this infrastructure is currently in reasonable condition and fit for purpose, recent storm activity at Seabird has placed it under immediate threat requiring urgent action,’’ he said. 

“During the meeting, the council considered the option to remove the infrastructure for reinstatement at another location, with the remainder for decommissioning.

“However, the cost of this option would be in excess of $350,000 (excluding GST) whereas the estimated cost to extend the seawall is $234,000 (excluding GST). 

“Taking both options into consideration, the council resolved to approve a variation to extend the seawall a further 91m to protect this infrastructure.

“Council also approved the raising of a loan to cover the additional work, with the Seabird Progress Association providing $20,000 toward the cost as well.

“This contribution is gratefully received and on behalf of the Shire of Gingin we thank them very much.” 

He said the seawall being constructed by NEO Infrastructure was progressing well and the project was expected to be completed on time and on budget.