Slim Thin Tanks a great option for urban blocks

Slim Thin Tanks can supply pumps and space saving rainwater tanks as well as install filtration systems and ThinPots Vertical Gardens.

IF you want to harvest your own drinking water or grow a little food in a compact, vertical garden Slim Thin Tanks can help you from start to finish.

Clayton and Sharon Auld run a one-stop business from supplying pumps and space saving rainwater tanks to installing filtration systems and ThinPots Vertical Gardens.

Two months ago the Two Rocks business owners released two new tank designs  – a 1333 litre tank (1012mm long, 1950mm high, 750mm wide) and a 2000 litre tank (1500mm long, 1950mm high, 750mm wide).

They did this at the request of customers who wanted more options than their standard 1000, 2000 and 3000 litre models.

Clayton Auld said clients loved the shape of their tanks and their modular, clean lines and attractive styling.

A keen promoter of sustainable living practices he created the stand alone, do-it-yourself boxed vertical garden frame so that people who do not have a tank can still utilise the ultra-skinny vertical garden system at their own home.

He said the frame could be sent anywhere in the world as an unassembled boxed unit and constructed very easily with a rubber mallet to knock the frame together via a Qubelok aluminium frame system.

The frame is constructed of heavy duty aluminium so it won’t succumb to rust or corrosion and will outlast other cheap flimsy vertical garden framework that they can buy elsewhere.

“I’m in the process of filming a YouTube instructional video to add to our channel on how to assemble the unit, so it’s not a random instruction paper, but a video tutorial that they can pause and play to build it alongside me,’’ he said.

“The next stage of vertical garden frames will utilise aluminium slat fencing and give consumers colour, woodgrain finish and style choices.

“We can have it customised to fit any size area and hang our thin pot vertical garden system on it.

“There’s also a thin pot version 2 about to be released which will hold more soil and allow for more options when it comes to what plants will grow successfully in a narrow pot.

“This way, we maintain our core value of saving space around the home for people while giving them the option of a super skinny thin pot or a ‘fat’ thin pot.

“The super skinny thin pot has great success in growing herb gardens, succulents and certain flowers that don’t require a large root ball to survive.’’

Slim Thin Tanks supply locally, interstate and globally and are just starting a joint venture with Tank Master in Midland.

For more information email or call Clayton on 0417 436 037 or Sharon on 0438 424 878.