Swimrun event for Yanchep and Two Rocks

Renee Baker and other competitors are heading to Yanchep and Two Rocks for the second race in the Shoreline Swimrun series.

THE second race in the Shoreline Swimrun series will be held in Yanchep and Two Rocks on Sunday, February 3.

Competing teams in the point-to-point swimrun will start from Yanchep Lagoon at 8.30am and finish at the Tavern at the Rocks in Two Rocks.

The 17.5km event includes 15km of running and 2.5km of swimming over six transitions.

The first event was held on at Whitfords Nodes beach and followed a looped course where competitors headed south down to Trigg and then back to Whitfords on November 24. 

The Shoreline Swimrun website says swimrun is a relatively new team based endurance sport where competitors swim and run over multiple transition courses usually in a mix of outdoor terrain.

All the equipment that competitors use must be carried with them on the course.