Take to the trees in Yanchep National Park

    The new Tree Adventure is now open in Yanchep National Park. File picture

    I THOUGHT I’d bitten off more than I could chew when I realised I alone would be in charge of my granddaughters when we tried the new Trees Adventure in Yanchep National Park.

    The instructor made sure we each had a helmet and gloves and had our harnesses on properly before demonstrating how we needed to  lock on and lock off each section of the course, which consists of challenges such as ziplines between platforms built around the trunks of tuart trees in the national park.

    We were also shown what equipment we need to use in the zipline sections.

    But once I saw how quickly my granddaughters grasped what was required I let myself indulge in a few moments of pride and thinking how clever they are before it was time to go to the starting platform and take on the first challenge.

    My eldest granddaughter led the way followed by two of her cousins as we tackled wobbling wooden bridges, tight ropes and cargo nets.

    By the time we arrived at the first zipline the girls had the whole procedure down pat (except occasionally when second-placed granddaughter would move off before giving third-placed granddaughter the okay to continue).

    Once they had all successfully ziplined across and were waiting on the platform it was my turn.

    I checked I was locked on properly and had my hands in the correct position but I hesitated as I thought my gear did not seem to be right.

    Eventually to calls of “come on nanna” I took a deep breath and was soon zooming across the wire before safely landing on the platform.

    By the time I got to the next zipline I felt like an experienced adventurer.

    One granddaughter told me she had planned to yell ‘Tarzan’as she was ziplining the second time but had forgotten.

    Soon it was time for an instructor to put a child’s harness on my six-year-old granddaughter who had been patiently waiting for the rest of us to finish so she could go on the junior course.

    Once my granddaughter had shown the instructor she knew how to slide the ‘metal monster’ along the wire she was ready.

    She went up to the starting platform where another instructor was waiting to check she was locked onto the zipline correctly.

    Showing no fear or hesitation (obviously takes after her nanna) she was soon speeding towards the platform where we were all waiting while cheering her on.

    We all followed along with her while she completed the course.

    Luckily the girls, who all wanted to do the course again straight away, were distracted by the mention of food and the promise we will go again in the school holidays.