ROM Monday, September 21 Telstra will start retiring its dial-up internet services for the small number of customers the company claims still use the service.

A company spokesman said dial-up had been in decline for a number of years, and was rapidly being superseded by new technologies including ADSL, cable, fibre, wireless and satellite broadband which were able to deliver a better and faster connected experience for customers.
The closure will affect all BigPond dial-up customers using the dial-up service to access the internet.

Customers will be given the opportunity to migrate to an alternative solution if they require one.

A spokesman said customers did not need to do anything to deactivate their BigPond dial-up service.

“We will be contacting customers directly by mail to explain the changes we are making and offer alternate services,’’ he said.

“TB and GES customers can speak to their account executives regarding specific requirements and further information.
We will also provide details to customers about retaining the mailbox and email address associated with their dial-up service.’’

Customers wishing to find out more information about alternative internet access options can visit​d

The company said some customers would be notified because although they may not be using BigPond dial-up to access the internet, the service was listed on their account in relation to their email address.

The spokesman said  the exit of BigPond dial-up will not affect a customer’s email address, which would remain fully operational at no extra cost.

“Any email addresses associated with BigPond dial-up will remain operational – you do not need to do anything and we won’t charge you for this service.
ADSL, cable, fibre, wireless and satellite broadband technology is much more advanced than dial-up, offering a better internet experience for customers.

“Because these products offer significantly higher speeds and improved performance, the prices are higher than dial up.’’

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Photo by Kalamazoo Public Library