The Greens candidate says Gingin needs more services

According to The Greens candidate for Durack Bianca McNeair, Gingin residents have raised the issues of climate action, First Nations justice, aged care, healthcare and housing affordability with her during the election.

THE Greens candidate for Durack Bianca McNeair says the main issues Shire of Gingin residents have raised with her during the federal election campaign are climate action, First Nations justice, aged care, healthcare and housing affordability.

Ms McNeair said with Durack being the biggest electorate in Australia with most of its communities regional and remote so they constantly miss out on adequate funding for services and infrastructure.

“Although Gingin is around 80kms from Perth, it is astounding how sparse the services are,’’ she said.

“It’s similar to what you’d expect from a community several hundred kilometres away from the capital city.

She said The Greens would empower community voices and improve how grant funding was allocated so it was transparent and meets genuine community needs.

“We want infrastructure to work for all, not just the big corporations.’’

When asked why Shire of Gingin residents, who due to the recent electoral boundary redistribution were now part of the seat of Durack, should vote for her she said she was born and raised in Geraldton and had lived in Durack throughout her life so she understood the challenges faced by regional and remote communities in Western Australia.

“Places like Gingin and Geraldton are often skipped over or under-served.

If The Greens get into a balance of power situation, she said they would push the government further and faster on the issues that matter and make sure that the communities in Durack got their fair share.

“Our party has a solid, fully costed plan for climate action, lowering the cost of living, First Nations justice, and free, accessible education and healthcare.

“Everyone should be able to afford and access these things and by taxing billionaire corporations their fair share we can make that happen.

A proud Malgana woman from Gutharagudu otherwise known as Shark she said there was not enough care for older people in the community with funding for aged and disability care far too low.

“The Liberals have encouraged private, for-profit corporations who make millions running these services, while the funding and quality of care gets lower and lower.

“This is an issue that’s been raised throughout this campaign.

“Communities like Gingin are being let down by the government, who don’t understand or empathise with the needs of the community.

“This is why we need The Greens in the balance of power, because we prioritise people above profits.’’

She said The Greens would provide $6 billion per year to aged care to increase hours of care, increase staff wages and improve conditions and training.

“We’ll phase out for-profit providers and guarantee a human rights-based approach to aged care.

“At the same time, we will invest $260 million to keep the home care package waiting list clear.

“The government has sadly perpetuated the discrimination of disabled people, often denying them adequate services and the funding they need.

“By voting for the Greens, people in Gingin can ensure we eliminate the structural discrimination disabled people face.

“We’ll fully resource the NDIS to meet the needs of disabled people, their families and carers, create more accessible housing and healthcare through co-designed planning, and ensure disabled people are at the centre of decision-making, policy and planning by investing $30m into Commonwealth disability advocacy organisations across four years.’’

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