Travellers to WA require a G2G pass

From tomorrow people who arrive in WA via Perth Airport or the state border will still need a G2G pass. File picture

IF you have family or visitors coming to WA as some Covid-19 restrictions ease make sure they know they will still need a valid G2G pass to get into the state.

If you leave WA you will need a G2G pass to get back in.

As part of going from a hard border to a controlled border at 12.01am on Saturday, November 14 travellers from all states and territories that are very low risk will be permitted to enter WA as long as they comply with conditions, including completing a G2G pass declaration.

Earlier today Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said people arriving in WA would need to be prepared and patient.

Mr Dawson said they had been processing on average about 10 per cent of pre-Covid passengers but they expected that to increase by 3500 to 4000 extra people a week.

He said more health workers and police would be on hand to help with this.

According to the G2G website tomorrow the G2G pass system will change to reflect the changed border conditions.

Meanwhile the website says people can apply using the existing system by selecting ‘compassionate ground’ when choosing an exemption category.

If you don’t have a valid G2G pass on arrival to WA you will be directed to get one which will delay your entry.

Travellers from states and territories that are ‘very low risk’ – Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory – will have to undergo a health screening and temperature test on arrival at Perth Airport.

They will also need to be prepared to take a Covid-19 test at the airport Covid clinic, if deemed necessary by a health clinician (voluntary asymptomatic testing available for all airport arrivals) and complete a G2G pass declaration, stipulating they do not have any Covid-19 symptoms and which jurisdictions the traveller has been in over the previous 14 days.

One week into their stay in WA all travellers will receive a SMS health check reminder.

All land arrivals will be met at the border checkpoint, for a health screening and to have their G2G pass declaration checked.

All travellers from states and territories that are deemed ‘low risk’ – less than five community cases per day on a 14-day rolling average – will be permitted to enter WA and comply with similar conditions as ‘very low risk’ jurisdictions, however they will also be required to take a Covid-19 test at the airport Covid clinic, if deemed necessary by a health clinician (voluntary asymptomatic testing available for all airport arrivals), self-quarantine for 14 days in a suitable approved premise and present for a Covid-19 test on day 11.

These conditions currently apply to travellers from New South Wales and Victoria.

Failure to follow these directions will be enforceable by law, with penalties ranging from $1000 infringements to up to $50,000 fines for individuals.

The McGowan Government has urged Western Australians and all businesses to embrace Covid-safe principles.

The modified 2sqm rule and remote Aboriginal community restrictions remain in place.

This morning Health Minister Roger Cook said WA would not be moving to phase five at this stage and that if any outbreak looked like getting out of control the government would not hesitate to close the border again.

Last month Premier Mark McGowan said the virus had not been defeated around the world, therefore everyone had to work together to prevent a serious outbreak and not jeopardise the hard work of each and every Western Australian.

“We also must take a cautious approach to our international border and not rush to opening to other countries, this is something I continue to raise with the Commonwealth Government,’’ he said.

Earlier today the John Hopkins University center for systems science and engineering Covid-19 Dashboard showed that globally there have been more than 52 million cases of the disease and 1.29 million deaths.

To apply for a G2G pass visit

Keep in mind that a G2G pass and G2G Now are different apps and perform different functions.

The G2G Now app is a tool, which helps WA Police conduct remote checks on people in quarantine.

The app uses facial recognition and phone location data to ensure people in quarantine remain at their registered address throughout their mandated quarantine period.

For more information about the G2G Now app visit