Adapted version of Peter Pan includes Yanchep resident

Tinkerbell (Grace Chen) and Peter (Yanchep resident Jacob Miles) in Limelight Theatre’s production of Peter Pan. Picture: Daniel Ade

YANCHEP resident Jacob Miles is embracing magic, pirates, fairies and other fantastical creatures as part of Limelight Theatre’s production of Peter Pan in Wanneroo. 

At the Finley Awards Miles won the Brian Maddocks award for best youth in a play for his portrayal of Peter in The Man who was Peter Pan, which played at the Old Mill Theatre. 

Directed and adapted by Kathleen Del Casale from JM Barrie’s original story, Peter Pan follows Peter (played by Jacob) as he tries to retrieve his shadow.  

He arrives with Tinkerbell in the nursery of Wendy, John and Michael Darling and together they embark on adventures in Neverland. 

Del Casale said there was no better way to describe Peter Pan than a story about the boy who never grew up.

“JM Barrie perfectly captures the innocence of childhood and how adulthood almost haunts it, lurking out of reach until it forces itself in,’’ she said.  

“But at the same time it’s a wonderful, fun, nostalgic and fantastical story.” 

She opted to do her own adaptation because she felt the 1904 original could not be staged with ethical sensitivity. 

“Audiences will notice there are Amazon warriors now – with the most amazing costumes! – who have replaced some of the original characters,” she said.  

“This also helped with casting because we often get a lot of females auditioning at the theatre.” 

Acting for the past 15 years, Del Casale has performed, directed or written for Stargate Actors Academy, HEY Fever and Snapshot Youth, Agelink and Limelight Theatres. 

In 2012-13, she travelled to the UK to play May Gibbs in a touring production of River Dreaming and followed it up in 2015-16 with A Land of Legends. 

 She has been in numerous musicals including Hairspray, Anything Goes, Sweet Charity, Greenwicks and The Wedding Singer and has directed Death of a Salesman and co-directed Rock of Ages. 

 “Peter Pan is my favourite story,” she said.

“I fell in love with it when I first read it as a 12-year-old. 

 “It really captured my imagination and has always stayed with me – my first tattoo was of the ‘second star to the right’ group of stars from the story. 

 “My amazing crew and I have put a lot of hours into creating Neverland and it will really transport people back to their childhood selves. 

“We’ve squeezed a huge amount of work into the rehearsal period and have some great stuff for our audiences to enjoy.”